What are the best value earphones that will last a long time

If you think about one of those things that get ruined very easily then the first name that comes up is definitely the earphones that you have. As for any normal earphones they are likely to last as long as 3 months to 6 months maximum. But when it comes to the acid eye India products it is not the same. This is because of the fact that these best wireless earphones has been designed in a very intricate manner and consists of features that you would not even think were possible of being present in the earphone.


Some of the essential features and benefits of the acid I true wireless earbuds:

  • Its design is amazing- it is a compact Bluetooth set of earbuds, which has a very sleek design and looks good for everyday use as well as on occasions.
  • The battery of this best wireless earphones is quite magnanimous and consists of a large 2100mAh charge capacity. This ensures the fact that the battery is long lasting and you can use it for hours on end. Also, the charging system of this earbuds is quite efficient and it gets charged in a very fast paced manner. It gives a standby time of about 180 hours and sometimes even more.
  • These wireless earbuds has a high-quality bass which means each and every song or voice note that you here have complete clarity and the sound quality is obviously better than the best. It has HD sound quality and while you listen to that you would have the feel of a live concert going on. It also has a hi-fi tuning capacity so that you can reset the audio condition as per your convenience. Also, the external noise cancellation technique helps you here very clearly even when you are amidst the Din and bustle of the city life.
  • Controlling the wireless earbuds is very easy as because it has a simple touch and tap interface and is very user-friendly. It also has one key control and the power on and off technique is easy as well. It has a one key control system so even the people who are not so tech-savvy can make ample use of it. Using this can reduce the Echo effect as well so that the audio notes are absolutely clear.
  • The intricate designing of these your buns Institute of multipoint Technology and is made up of silicon.  Unlike the plastic used in the other products which hurts the ears, the Silicon casing is very comfortable sweat proof and can be worn for long hours and even for the entire
  • This best true wireless earbud is compatible with each and every device and that is the reason why it is unique and different than the others.  it consists of version 4.1 Super Bass professional tuning methods and its transmission can go up to a distance of 10 metres.  not only smartphones but it is also compatible with tablets as well.
  • The charging of this True wireless device can be done in just 2 hours which is quite different than the other wireless devices which take long hours to charge.
  • In accordance with the technological experts,  the best true wireless earbuds is being declared that the acid eye earbud is one of the most Revolutionary products that has been launched in the market till date.
  • The best part about this true wireless product is that if you order it online,  then it is unlikely that you will be charged any shipping fee.  this means that you can get your product right at the comfort of your home and that too without any delivery charges.

 In times when getting the perfect your phone is almost impossible acid eye has been able to prove its worth by bringing up one of that rarest pair of earbuds which is long lasting, technological advanced,  and absolutely useful for one and all. Not only that the best part about this product is that it is affordable and while buying it you would not burn a hole in your pocket. Now that you know about this product why not buy it right away and use it to know about its features more. Bluetooth headset for mobile easily connect with any brand mobile.

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