What you need not to do on Deep Web?

Deep web is part of the internet which is not indexed by usual search engines like Google or Bing. Deep web comprises of around 90% of the internet and not accessible through public domain. You need to have special software to access the dark web like TOR browser. Dark web is part of deep web and some of the options are illegal while some are legal. While some of the deep web links provide a great resource of knowledge and power while other deep web markets exist within the dark web that provides illegal products or services. It is important to keep certain things in mind while accessing it. Below are some of the things that you need not to do on Deep web.

Don’t confuse Deep Web with Dark Web

There is a huge difference in deep web and dark web. Technically you can call dark web to be part of deep web but you need to be careful while trying to access part of dark web. Some of the information can be accessed on the deep web using TOR but not all links are safe to access. Deep web is not indexed by search engines and there could be various reasons associated with either due to security or due to wrong information available. Dark web is not separate from deep web but a portion of it. TOR browser can help establish an anonymous connection that helps in protecting network tracking and surveillance.

Beware of Malicious Links

If you think that you can access anything on deep web, be it anonymous link without getting into trouble, then you need to reconsider. You need to be aware about the links that you are accessing and files that you are exploring on deep web. Any anonymous or wrong information can lead you into a big trouble. There are various security issues that can compromise your system and expose your personal data. Therefore, you need to be careful and keep an antivirus installed in your system that can safeguard you against any malware attack.

Any suspicious link can lure you into exposing your system. It can be completely illegal or part of some criminal activity. Therefore, make sure that the links you are accessing through deep web are safe and secure. You can be cautious on the clicks that you do because accessing deep is like taking risk on your own. In order to ensure that you are not exploring any wrong information, you can check the links and see if there are any disturbing services are present or not.

Never make Payments on Deep Web

Doing any kind of financial transaction over deep web is strictly prohibited. You must never try to buy anything on deep web because if you use any credit or debit card then all its details may get exposed on deep web. Ensure that you avoid making online payments on deep web. You can plan to spend money in the form of bitcoin but using credit cards could be a big mistake.

Exploring deep web is your own responsibility and you must follow above points carefully before exploring deep web.

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