4 Common Mistakes to avoid while Installing Security Camera

Security cameras can be a smart security purchase for your home or for your business place.  Of course, if you only listen to Wsj article criticisms you might not recognize that security cameras are a type of equipment just like any other and they are only as effective as their users allow them to be.  Not only you need to have the right equipment but you need to make sure that you install them properly and effectively as well.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common security camera installation mistakes that new users make.

Common Security Camera Installation Mistake #1:  OBSTRUCTIONS

One of the most common security camera installation mistakes people make is placing them somewhere that does not have full viewing range. Any security camera is only going to be as effective if it has the widest possible viewing angle over the area you want to monitor.  If you have obstructions, your camera will not be able to see anything behind it. As such, look for not only grounded obstructions like roof eaves or support poles but also for variable obstructions like driveways (cars that come and go) and plants (which grow seasonally), etc.  You should also Consider how sunlight affects shadows—and, thus, dark spots—your camera’s viewing range.

Common Security Camera Installation Mistake #2:  GLARE

Speaking of sunlight and time of day, you also want to make sure that your security camera will not catch any glare from the sun.  Not just direct sunlight but also reflection. Refraction can cause camera lens glare so also look for metallic items, water, and other potentially glare-causing obstructions that can cause problems for your security camera.

Common Security Camera Installation Mistake #3:  POSITIONING

Another very simple mistake that people make is installing their cameras too low to the ground. Mount your cameras high off the ground to capture the broadest viewing area.  Of course, too much distance between the ground and the camera lens can leave images fuzzy and indistinct: so, figure out the most effective height and angle for your particular needs.

Common Security Camera Installation Mistake #4:  TECHNOLOGY

Technology ages out quickly so be sure that you are using a security camera of top companies that has the most updated features and software. Yes, you may be able to save a few backs with an older system but if you can’t update it, it is basically worthless!

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