Stream Energy Goes Wireless

Stream Energy Goes Wireless

Founded in 2005, Stream Energy has grown from a leader in the global energy market, to providing its customers with various other services. Along with its energy service, the Dallas-based company provides both residential and commercial customers with Home, Wireless and Protective Services. Together these unique services were designed to work together seamlessly and conveniently integrate with customers’ busy lifestyles. Through its constant expansion and growth of its various services, Stream Energy has generated more than $8 billion in lifetime revenue.

Seeing the growth of mobile technology, in January 2015 at the company’s ‘Unleashed’ event in Las Vegas, Stream Energy expanded its bouquet of services into Wireless. At the time the then Mobile Services by Stream (now Wireless Services) was the only mobile service provider that allowed customers to choose from two major networks. The service at the time also allowed customers to earn free mobile services when they referred potential customers to the Mobile Services by Stream. For Stream Energy’s Independent Associates – customers who gain financial benefits by signing up new customers – the move into mobile was celebrated as it provided them with a new income source.

“Our mobile launch marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our company’s history. We celebrated ten years of impressive success and our entry into the mobile marketplace with a tremendous launch event in Las Vegas. Mobile is the first of a number of new Stream offerings that will connect the home,” said Mark “Bouncer” Schiro, former Stream Energy CEO. “Energy is in our DNA, and always will be, but we’re thrilled to diversify our offering, creating boundless opportunities for our Associates to succeed.”

At the time of its launch, Stream Energy Wireless Service was powered by the largest GSM 4G LTE network in the USA and CDMA 4G LTE networks. This allowed the company to offer dependable cellular services within America. To this day, the company’s Wireless Services prides itself on answering the demands that its customers have. This includes reliable service, fast speeds, and flexibility to change plans when needed, amongst others.

“With mobile, we’re continuing our overarching mission of providing value, trust, and simplicity, but in a completely new market. We’ve worked with expert consultants over the past several months who have helped make this nationwide launch possible. We’re looking forward to making mobile simple and cost-effective for our customers – the exact concept we introduced to the energy market ten years ago,” said Schiro.

In May 2015, Mobile Services by Stream Energy extended its reach by offering coverage under one of the newest CDMA 4G LTE networks in America. With the additional coverage, the company is now able to offer customers HD voice quality and faster data speeds. An additional announcement of new wireless apps and tools was also announced at the same time which would give customers an exceptional mobile experience.

“There’s a new player in the mobile market – Stream. Over the past several months we’ve been in soft launch, listening to our Associates and using their feedback to improve Stream’s mobile experience,” said Schiro. “Our mobile offering is competitive, technologically advanced and tailored to each customer’s individual needs.”

Stream Energy Wireless Apps and Tools

Throughout the years since the launch of Stream Energy’s wireless apps and tools, the company has remained on the cutting edge of the latest technology and have constantly adapted. The company’s wireless apps and tools were created to enhance customers experience with Stream Energy. The following online tools and apps were created to assist customers in keeping track of their devices, global connectivity and learning about new devices.

  • Stream Swap It! – The Stream Swap It! app was launched in May 2015 and enables users to protect their device and its contents if it gets stolen or is lost. Additionally, the app can also be used to transfer content from an old device to a newer one, as well as to backup content. The app also allows users to locate a device on an online map, sound an alarm on a lost or stolen device and take a photo of anyone who has access to the app. The app is completely free and available on Google Play and the App Store.
  • Global Connect – Stay connected to anyone in more than 200 countries with Global Connect – Stream Energy’s international calling app. This app is especially useful for frequent travelers as it provides users with low rates and HD quality sound. Stream Energy offers all new customers to this tool a $1 free calling credit to try out the service.
  • Data Calculator – Customers who choose to use the Data Calculator will be able to calculate how much data they really need each month. This will help them find the perfect Stream Energy wireless plan.

Today, Stream Energy’s Wireless Service provides its customers with a few different products including the following:

  • Service PlansStream Energy provides its customers with a cellular plans including the All In Plan which includes unlimited texts, calls, and data, as well as 4G LTE data speeds. Plans start at a cost as low as $30 per line. The company also offers International Plan which provides them with affordable international calling rates and international text for only 5¢ each.
  • Devices – Whether a customer needs a tablet, Samsung or iPhone, they can shop with Stream Energy’s device partner today and choose from a variety of popular 4G smartphones. Alternatively, customers can switch to a better, more affordable service plan while still keeping their phone and number.

Whether customers need a mobile or cellular plan, Steam Energy provides them with the best possible service to accommodate their on-the-go lifestyle. All the Wireless Services are available nationwide in the US.

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