Why Game Companies Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN)


The main concern of every gaming company is Speed. When performance and user experience are important elements in any of the content delivery program, then only a CDN for game servers can provide significant advantages. CDNs are available to meet a company’s specific needs, providing a cost-effective solution for reliable and high-performance content delivery and video streaming. Online games companies deploy different CDN games solutions to accelerate page loading, improve the user experience and boost safety. It helps to overcome numerous challenges and problems. CDN for game servers used by online game companies serve to deliver the patches and core game downloads. Gradually, the size of game downloads increases, such as technologies 4K and Ultra HD are being introduced. These improvement in technologies helped a lot in the gaming experience. Although most gamers won’t abandon a download that they have paid for, waiting hours for it to download will definitely irritate them. So, CDN came into the game and solved the whole problem. It does the content caching in a global network of servers so that patches and core downloads could be transferred quicker. Besides, this technology prevents the server crash. With a CDN for game servers, the same static content desired may also reside on a server in any country of Asia, Germany, or London, providing the user with significant performance benefits due to proximity to the source.

Why is CDN for game servers and Business Important?

Today’s all of the consumers are demanding online access from their retailers, social media, video streaming team, educational resources, and gaming providers. The only limit is the imagination of business and demands of the consumer. As your customers become increasingly aware of the technology in this digital environment, you must be prepared to meet these expectations. There are numerous benefits of CDN implementation which can help you to meet these mentioned-below requirements:

  • Accelerated viewing of webpages.
  • Improved performance of video streaming and gaming.
  • Reliable and high-speed access to company web pages.
  • Capacity provided without company infrastructure cost.
  • Distributed network results in improved local performance for users.
  • Cost control – pay for what you need, don’t build the capacity internally.

What should be your Objectives before you consider implementing a CDN Solution?

When evaluating your options in implementing a Content Distribution Network strategy, it’s critical to consider all the aspects of your decision including these criteria:

  • Performance – When considering performance, be sure this applies to all intended destinations, whether national or global.
  • Location – This can impact the resulting performance experience at the end destination, as the closer your user is to the CDN provider’s server, the more reliable the performance and viewing experience will be.
  • Scalability – Can you purchase just the capacity you need, for controlling cost? After implementation, can you expand quickly to accommodate the level of growth?
  • Flexibility – Is the vendor service compatible with every form of technology your end users will potentially utilize? This is likely to include PCs, Mac computers, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Support – After signing up, will you receive the level of support you require to ensure you receive continuous reliable service?
  • Cost-effective – Is the service available within your budget? Available services may vary greatly in cost. Be sure you’re not signing up for a long-term service that cannot truly accommodate your needs at a cost-effective price.

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