What is a Wireless Surround Sound System & which should get a sound bar

A wireless surround sound system produced a surround sound effect without wires. Sounds simple I know but it is that easy. Do you treasure back in this day when every electronic had to have a wiring to connect to a power source? The phone, computer, record player, etc. Well, those days are long gone, so why would you expect anything less from your sound system. The other thing is that without wires it’s easier to place your speakers and subwoofer in the ideal location to create the perfect surround sound.


Advantages of a Wireless System-

With a wireless system, you can place your speakers and subwoofer anywhere because wires are a none issue.  Aforementioned gives you a lot of compliance in creating the best surround sound effect because of your circumstances the components of your system in the optimal positions. A wireless surround sound system is also very pleasing to the eye. With no wires crisscrossing around your family room makes for more pleasing interior design qualities. Wires are an eyesore to the visual appeal of any room and should be avoided where possible.

How to Setup a Wireless Sound System-

There are several ways to setup a wireless surround sound system.  You can do so with a complete wireless home theater system which will have many different components.  Alternatively, you can choose an easier route and go with a sound bar system featuring a wireless subwoofer. Wireless soundbar systems are cheaper, simpler to install and come in extremely attractive designs. You may check this best sound bar under $200 list for picking the best one at a low price.

Wireless Soundbar Technology-

Soundbars are very long and slim. This enables them to act like long wind pipes generating a richer and louder sound relative to their sleek design. Soundbars project sound waves in multiple directions due to their shape that bounces off all four corners of a room at different angles. The sound waves reach their final destination, your ears from all angles, confusing your senses as to the true source of the sound. Additionally, a subwoofer emits sound at such a low decibel that your ears cannot determine the direction of the bass. The combination of the soundbar and a wireless subwoofer deliver a surround sound effect

Which should get a sound bar?

A sound bar (also called Sound Bar or projector) is a horizontal speaker that is placed below or above the TV (or much below or above a small projection screen), whose role is to reproduce the sound of a film, a concert or a show to be able that the TV seems to come naturally and emerge from the screen (steady image/sound …) that is impossible to achieve with a channel home theatre 2 + 1, which leaves turn, principle (no center speaker), a “hole” sound just outside the screen, and therefore generates dialogues lacking consistency.

More often than not, a sound bar may be meant to simulate a multi-channel reproduction. In this situation, the surround simulations are distinguished purely “digital” (audio specific therapy) and simulations that bring considerably out an arrangement and a specific orientation linked to the speakers (discharge of sound “beams”). A sound bar is always delivered with a subwoofer. If this is far from the truth, it provides default output “subwoofer” to be able to later connect a subwoofer.

Finally, it can occasionally incorporate a Blu-ray / DVD drive, which offers a facility complete Home Cinema in a single carton. In all cases, a sound bar requires no amp: in effect, the audio processing, amplification, and power supply are incorporated as soon as you glance at the bar, the latter two may also often be integrated into the subwoofer (which is then supplied). It then remains to bring a TV, and perhaps a source (Blu-ray / DVD player, TV decoder) to build up a complete Home Cinema system.

A sound bar provides much better sound quality as compared to speakers in a TV, computer, or Smartphone without having the complexity of a radio and speakers. Different components will quite always provide more value for your dollar. However, they will also take up more space, need to get additional cables and get more complicated to operate. Using a sound bar can offer most of that additional audio quality while keeping everything simple to use.

Compared to our value sound bar picks, the best sound bars utilize added drivers for each channel, have more powerful amplifiers, and feature more complex designs.


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