3 Must have smart home devices for your home.

In this article, I am going to share some thoughts of 3 smart home devices, that I have been using for quiet some time. Many of friends were asking me to review these products on my social media account. I have decided to write a public review so that it can help everyone looking for a recommendation about any of these 3 products. So, let’s get started.


Paragon induction cooktop

Paragon induction cook up is first in my list. The main feature of this cooktop is that it can be controlled through a specially designed mobile application. You can even control the temperature remotely. The device includes an induction cooktop with a burner diameter of 12 inches a one-and-a-half-inch display, touch buttons to control the temperature and a built-in Bluetooth module.

The maximum heating range of this cook up is two hundred and sixty degrees Celsius. It also comes with thermometer clamps with magnetic fastening which are designed to control and automatically adjust the temperature inside the pan.

As for the frying pan and other utensils, this function is performed by the Paragons silicon mal. This mat is placed on the surface of the cooking zone under the dishes.

Ever Light

This device combines several functions. Ever light works as a personal air-conditioner, a humidifier and an air purifier.


Air purifiers are very popular these days, and a must have device, especially if you have asthma, because of their powerful functionality, you can relieve your asthma and breathing problems in a matter of click of a button. More information on air purifiers can be found at allhomex. I bought 2 by reading their review and yes, I am very satisfied.

Ever light is a very amazing device. It consumes less energy than conventional air conditioners and requires only 10 watts of power.

The working principle of this device is that the evaporating plates from the Nano paper absorbs the water and the internal fan drives the air through them moistening and cleaning it from dust.

The ever light works by evaporation of water which occurs almost at any temperature

Video Doorbell


This video doorbell looks like a normal tour bell, but when someone calls at the door the built-in camera activates and the visitor’s image is displayed on a small screen indoor or on your phone.

In addition, the signal is transmitted to the owner’s smartphone. The user can monitor any visitor from his bedroom or even when he is away.

The doorbell comes with a special smartphone application. The device has a five inch touchscreen display and a camera with a 180 degree viewing angle.

You can also set the device to start recording when the motion sensor is activated.

It also has a built-in microphone and speakers, which enable a user to speak with the visitor.

The battery timing is amazing and it ensures trouble-free operation of the device for two months.

You can get this device in two hundred and forty-nine dollars.

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