Free SEO tools You Can Use To Optimize Your Website

Tired of seeing your webpage ranking low on the search engine and want to get the best SEO services? Then you’ve got to utilize these tools to bring your pages to the very top of web search results. They are free tools available for you, so you don’t have to pay a dime to have your page ranking high on search engine,  how incredible! Read on and get to know about them. Don’t just have a knowledge of them, begin their usage right now.


Have a competitor website ranking high on the search engine? Then you’ve got to discover the source and why the website ranks high on search engine. This is achievable through SimilarWeb.  It provides you with traffic and engagement metrics which you can use to analyse your competitor’s performance.

SERP Robot.

You can also get to know how much your website or webpage ranks for keywords with this tool. On the tool page,  you will enter a website or webpage and up to five keywords to see how your website ranks. You can also check your competitor’s ranking with this tool.

Yoast SEO.

This tool is useful to help to optimize your page on search engine. To use the tool, you will enter the main keyword of your webpage and Yoast SEO will suggest ways by which you can modify your webpage to rank higher on the search engine.

Google Business Review Link Generator.

Customer’s reviews is a very important thing for every business. With this tool, you can be able to create a shareable link on Google by which customers can review your business.


I know it is so unpleasing to any content writer to have his/her content write-up plagiarized. With copyspace, you can be able to monitor and safeguard your blog post or content write-ups.  To use the tool you are required to enter the URL of that blog post and copyspace will help to check where else that content appears on the web.

Google Pagespeed Insights.

The load time speed of a website is also very important in keeping your website ranking high on search engine. With this tool, you can be able to determine your webpage speed. To use the tool,  you are to enter the webpage URL and the tool will help you check loading time for mobile and desktop views of your website. It will identify opportunities by which you can improve the load speed or give thump-up if the load time is good.

Searching for a good topic to use for your blog post? Then this tool will come handy there. All you need to do is enter a keyword and the tool which display list of keywords that you can use and some commonly asked questions.

Google Search console/ Bing Webmaster Tools.

This two webmaster tools can help give an insight into what the two top search engines think of your website through website analysis, bugs, alerts and error reports.

Alref SEO toolbar.

With this toolbar, you can get to see how much traffic your website gets each month, the number of keywords it ranks for and how many backlinks it gets. There are also more thing you can do with this tool.

Google Trends.

You can also get to know the popular search terms trending during a particular season.  This will help you to optimize your website or webpage for the new trending search keywords or queries so your website can keep its rank on a search engine

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