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Digital Auto Repair Software

Tekmetric has been concentrating on modernization with its more advanced way to diagnose automobiles and have more advanced results via a more modern digital vehicle inspection mechanism. This is a kind of system that works in the form of an app. It can assist mechanics with monitoring the complete status of a vehicle during the repair procedures.

Tekmetric (digital auto repair software) is an extremely useful program, one of the most efficient tools vehicle repair shops can use.

In addition, the auto repair software (Tekmetric) keeps track of specific data. This additionally modernized software program offers some of the following features and how it helps with auto shops and customer experience:

  • Job productivity/cost-effectiveness of the vehicle repair shop
  • Calculation of labor times/cost consumers might pay for their vehicle repair(s)
  • Offers workflow management to sustain the business progressions
  • Each procedure is digital (electronic), which includes invoicing and authorization
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part control
  • Incorporation of work times for vehicle repairs
  • Estimates of repairs, which consist of prices as well
  • Based on day-to-day orders, fast calculation of work profitability
  • Easily deal with each shop (all-in-one) with just one account

A Couple Vital Factors Why Vehicle Repair Shop Will Want to Choose Auto Repair Software (Tekmetric)

  • Customer Relationships and Customer Experience

o Faster results regarding vehicle diagnosis – means faster repairs too and enhanced customer experience

o Allows repair workers and mechanics to see customer history, in addition to their own profiles

o Effortlessly access vendors by keeping their details stored in the app

  • Staff member productivity

o Auto repair workers will like the convenience of working in the shop

o Easily establish large franchises while monitoring each employee in an all-in-one program

o Messaging aspect – perform invoicing, estimates, and other things through this feature – takes less than a minute to perform the tasks with Tekmetric

o Ideal for all shops and individuals who plan to open a vehicle inspection shop – the perfect selection for vehicle repair shops who wish to have an additionally effective shop and improve customer experience – all at the same time

More About Tekmetric and its Invention

People who do repairs on automobiles invented this digital vehicle inspection program. The inventors (Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri – owners/founders of the company “Motorwerks Auto Group”) of this product offer it to all automobile repair shops, and it is a free app. There are no hidden fees or bills. It is simple to use, directly out of the box.

The inventors of this program had a mission when they created the app: “To develop and build an instinctual mechanism that is not only powerful, but it is simple to use and learn, and it won’t cost shop owners any money”.

A Few Additional Features Implemented into the Tekmetric Auto Repair Software

  • Built-in calendar
  • Paperless invoicing, etc.
  • Text messaging – limitless
  • Multiple users – limitless (for each location)
  • Technical support, as well as training – limitless – free

Stay more organized and improve customer experience, work profitability and more with this innovative app – the all-in-one, modernized automobile repair app and assistant!


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