7 Critical Things Every Social Media Audit Template Should Have

Social Media Audit Template

Are you contemplating making a social media analysis? Although auditing is not an attractive activity to many, social media analysis should be good news to you. The primary goal of this audit is to improve your marketing strategies.

Making audits for social media is not hard. Although the template has lows and columns –which many people hate, interpretation is straight forward if you have a good template. There are many social audit templates you can download, but not all will satisfy your needs. You can make your template or get services from a company such as the NetBase which has been making such audits for long.

Below are seven items which should be in a standard social media analysis template.

The Site

The site is the most vital item to enter in the template. It should be the first item to enter. For ease of use, the commonest social media platform should appear first. It is also important to include the brand of the platform in the site column.

Site Link

After the site, the template should have the links of the social media platforms. These links are important because they will necessitate immediate visitation to the platform should a need arise. The links should land you directly to the page which is of interest to your analysis.

Profile Name

Profile name is also critical to include in the social media analysis template. Since there is a freedom to choose any profile name you want in social media, the profile name should be known well to anyone who would like to interpret the audit. It should give the reader a rough idea of the company’s core business.

Number of Followers

Next, in the line, a good template should show the number of followers in each social media platform. Getting this number from social media is straightforward. Getting the number of followers is necessary in order to know the success of social media marketing.

Frequency and Referrals

Although the number of followers is important, its need cannot be complete until it is known if they are active. For example, if a site got two thousand followers in the first quota of last year, you need to know if this number is increasing or not. You can easily know this by including a frequency of follower column in the social media analysis template. You should also have a column showing the number of referrals from the followers.

Clicks on Posts

The only way to know if a visitor to your site is serious is by analyzing the clicks on posts. If you have many visitors but a few clicks, you can deduce that your posts are not relevant to your visitors.

Analysis of clicks per post will make you realize what your clients need. Such data will be a good pointer on what you need to improve.

Followers Frequency Change

You need to compare your current analysis with the previous one to know whether your social media presence is growing or not. Your social media marketing will be growing if the current followers are more than the previous ones.


Social media platforms can boost your online presence. Since there are many social platforms, you need to know which sites attract more traffic to your website than others. You can easily tell this by using social media analysis template. A good template should be easy to understand and interpret. The above items are crucial when making a social audit template either for others or for your firm.

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