A Great First Impression: Try a Professional Answering and Message Service


The saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is attributed to Will Rogers by many, to Oscar Wilde by a few, and to various television advertisements as well. Whatever the source, the statement is quite accurate. If you’re interested in creating an all-important first impression for business reasons, make sure that the first contact by telephone is handled courteously and professionally.

However, what happens to those calls that come in outside of business hours or if your regular office personnel aren’t working on a specific day? Some business owners and managers simply tell someone else on the staff to answer the phone or try to take care of this task on their own during business hours. When the office or shop is closed, many businesses rely on recorded messages. Neither of these options is the best way to handle those calls.

Professional Assistance

When you make arrangements for a professional telephone answering service, you not only take advantage of the most-up-to-date communication technology available but you also have peace of mind knowing that your phone lines and communication channels are being managed in the most professional manner. When you visit the website of one of the leading providers in this special sector, you’ll find that you have access to an array of call handling services.

But this is one of those fields in which there really is no one-size-fits-all. The top companies offer a number of flexible packages so that you receive the specific level of service that you need. You won’t have to worry about losing business because of lines being busy or because a call is simply missed. This frees you to focus on what you do best: produce high-quality products and deliver outstanding customer service.

Don’t hesitate if you think your business is too small for this service or if you believe that your company is too large for personal answering and messaging service. Small businesses and startups often prefer to have live answering services, primarily because they don’t have staff to devote to this essential job. Using a professional service can be a key to early growth for the small business.

Try it, You’ll Like it

If you have given thought to using a messaging service or an answering service, this may be just the right time to try it. After you’ve gathered information from your visit to the website, be sure to talk to a member of the experienced team about setting up your 30-day free trial. During this period, your telephone calls will be handled efficiently and your messages will be passed through to you using your chosen method.

If you’re not pleased with the trial service, your set up fee can be refunded. You may, however, be responsible for the cost of passing messages through but you should make sure of this when you talk to a representative. The top providers are confident when they offer this trial because nearly every trial customer remains with the service when he or she sees how it benefits his or her daily operation. You may want to give this service a try now.

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