Which VOIP Phones Are Available

VOIP Phones

When you need a phone system for your business, there are lots of different ones that you can use. Each type of business phone is suited to a slightly different work setting, so you need to be fully aware of the differences between each type of phone.

Voice Over Internet Protocol allows you to make calls without having to pay phone company charges, which can be extremely expensive. Which different VOIP phones are available for you to use?

Desktop Phones

This type of phone is the most common VOIP that money can buy. It is also one of the cheapest, which is ideal if you are trying to save your business some money. You can call people and leave messages, but some extra features will not be available. For example, you will not be able to move freely around the office when you are on a call because this system uses a physical Ethernet cable at all times.

If you experience any problems with this kind of VOIP phone system you will be able to contact experienced technicians and they can sort out the issue quickly and efficiently.

USB Phones

A USB phone connection can be plugged into the side of your computer and then you will be able to make all the important calls throughout the day. You will need to have installed some voice-calling software on your computer before you install the USB phone.

You will not have to deal with any inconveniences like trailing wires that can twist or that people are accidentally tripping over.

Sometimes you might experience some issues with the USB phone. If this happens, then the problem needs to be solved efficiently without costing your business a lot of money. You should call the company that installed the USB phone, and they will be able to fix the problem without causing you any inconvenience.

Wireless Phones

Wireless VOIP phones are incredibly convenient because you can attach a headset and then move around your office when you are taking a call. This can be useful if you need to get some files from a storage cabinet whilst you are on the phone. You can even use this type of phone at a Wi-Fi hotspot without any problems whatsoever.

Soft Phones

A softphone is another term for a software programme which can be downloaded onto your desktop computer or onto your phone. You will then be able to make calls without needing a headset. You should use this kind of VOIP phone if you are travelling frequently and do not have access to a physical landline phone. These types of software can be downloaded for free, but you can also hire.

Video Phones

The video phone is one of the most useful things that you can buy because you will be able to see the people who you are talking to. This is important if you are interviewing someone for a position at your company.

You should think about buying a VOIP phone.

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