Top 5 Custom Snapchat Filter Ideas for your Wedding

Snapchat is truly in our lives these days. And never is it more in demand when there is marriage season. Not only are Snapchat Geofilters fun, they are easy to create and extremely engaging and highly shareable. Here are top 5 things to keep in mind, when thinking of having a wedding Snapchat filters.

wedding Snapchat filters

You can do it yourself

Even though there are companies that help you create a filter that fits your wedding day perfectly, you would do well to keep in mind that there is no rocketry about it. Yes, you can do it yourself. If you have just some basic graphics designing skills, you can do it yourself. Plus, another benefit with creating your own Snapchat wedding design is that you know what you want in your Snapchat filter the best. no one knows your ideas and needs, with regards to Snapchat filter for your wedding better than yourself. So better try to do it yourself.

Keep the cost in mind

If you would rather someone else puts in the time and mind required to create a custom Snapchat filter, then keep in mind that if your budget is very little, you can either personalize one of the pre-designed snapchat templates for just $20 or so, or get better ones that are custom designed for a little over $50. Then there will be the additional cost of submitting the filter to Snapchat, and you have to do that because before it can be used, Snapchat needs to approve it.

Your custom filter must follow Snapchat guidelines

With regards to Snapchat, no rule-breaking is allowed. The basic rules to follow are: no hashtags, no logos, or photos.

Keep the Snapchat filter consistent with your wedding’s comprehensive color scheme

When you create your own custom Snapchat filters, keep in mind to keep the design and color consistent with your party’s color scheme. If the key parties are gravitating towards black and white color scheme in their dress and decorations, do not think of a drastically different color as pink or green to decorate your photos with custom filter. Do the common-sense thing and keep the color scheme consistent with the overall color scheme of the wedding day and event.

Keep the size in mind

Keep in mind that the recommended size for filters is 1080px wide by 1920px high. It has to be under 300KB in size and it has to be saved as a .PNG file with a transparent background.

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