Cloud Based CRM Systems To Multiply Sales Volume


How can companies increase their revenue during an economic decline? This question is urgent for any business. Only the strongest survives but not everyone knows how to become more competitive in the ruthless business world. Bpm’online developed disruptive cloud based CRM systems that are intended to make businesses grow and prosper despite the crisis.

Effective sales management secures the business success. Sales in their turn start with an overall control over leads. A lead is any interest or need coming from a perspective client. If all leads are immediately collected in a centralized place and are automatically distributed among managers and they have a smart tool to qualitatively process these customer inquiries, then the chances to close a profitable deal are much higher. Groundbreaking CRM is the tool.

How do cloud based CRM systems handle sales?

The process of sales control begins with capturing leads from all the communication channels, which your organization uses: telephony, mailing, website and social networks. Cloud based CRM systems have a function of marketing management that makes it possible not only to analyze, which of the communication channels work best, but also to calculate their value.

Increasing an advertising budget is not the only way to push up sales. Another powerful tool that bpm’online offers is analytics. By analyzing purchase funnel in a proper way, your sales department can work on increasing conversion – turning perspective clients into loyal customers. For this divides a deal into several stages: lead qualification, a product/service presentation, meeting, commercial proposal and its coordination, a contract formation and agreement, processing of an account, payment and support service maintenance.

With cloud based CRM systems you can screen every phase of a customer journey in one click, see every step, understand at what stage and why clients are lost, and weekly, monthly or early forecast sales etc. discovering the causes of your clients’ attrition, you can start working on preventing it from happening.

Cloud based CRM systems equip managers with the tools to evaluate productivity of every representative or department. Main key performance indicators (KPI) are embedded into software such as time devoted to communication with a client, total number of calls and letters sent by each manager and how many of them resulted in deals, sales volumes over a certain period of time and average purchase sum. Managers can systematically monitor these KPIs evaluating the productivity of their staff. .

bpm’online empowers your company to:

  • handle leads and control the way they are processed;
  • maintain a client database, keep the history of communication with them and segment customers in groups and subgroups;
  • create commercial offerings using built-in templates for target audiences;
  • develop personalized offerings ;
  • manage sales, customer relationships and deals;
  • analyze profit-making capacity of promotional campaigns;
  • decompose a sales funnel and see the reasons for reneging on deals;
  • forecast sales, campaigns and products;
  • control actual targets.

How do cloud based CRM systems deal with clients?

Cloud based CRM systems are not merely a product, but a whole strategy aimed to enhance business profitability and increase customer satisfaction. The goal of every company is a happy client, so a customer-centric approach must be included in all company’s activities. Bpm’online enables your company to deliver first-class customer experience and meet your business goals. The CRM software solves the following business challenges:

  1. market and consumption analysis;
  2. evaluation of customers’ needs and demands;
  3. planning and running targeted marketing campaigns;
  4. customer service: closure of deals and maintenance of customer relations;
  5. development and implementation of personalized loyalty programs;
  6. extension of communication channels;
  7. processing of clients’ inquiries.

Cloud based CRM systems are capable of tracking customers’ preferences, observing positive or negative dynamics of your cooperation and suggesting additional goods or services, which can be offered to improve customer relations. By categorizing and setting priorities, your business can improve sales, stock balance, the work of service centers and the staff performance.

Implementing cloud based CRM systems provides companies with sustainable competitive advantage, ensures delivering excellent customer experience, reducing the administrative costs and boosting the sales.

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