Web Development In 2019 And Beyond

What is web development?

The process of creating a web site or any web application through coding and logical implementation is called web development. Web development covers all stages that are involved throughout the creation of a web application from initial wireframes to the UI design and functional implementation and till the very last steps of deployment and testing. Web development has increased in the last decade with the rapid rise in social web platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Connecting with anyone from around the globe has never been so easy in human history, and since there are so many platforms for social connections, this directly results in an increase in the number of by-products or extensions to these platforms, all of which require web development.

The scope of web development has increased and grown to such an extent that every small business owner or service provider today has a very real need for an online appearance such as a website where they can show their portfolio and offer services or sell their products online directly. The web has connected people and made it easier for people to carry out daily tasks. The web has so much to offer to the general public that the demand of web developers has increased massively since the creation of all such web platforms requires web development.

How web development has evolved

Gone are the days when a person could simply create a web page and call himself a web developer. The game has somewhat changed. With new technologies and frameworks in web development, the competition has grown tougher and the stakes are higher. Web development has grown at such a pace that nearly every day a new JavaScript library is introduced.

Most of these new libraries and frameworks are less useful than others, but there is a reason that they are being created, nonetheless. And that reason is to fill the demand in the market. At this point in time, any university student can create a new library or framework that can become the number one tool in the market. We have seen this in action within the last 5 to 10 years. As Facebook rose, which was created by a college dropout and now is the world’s number one social media platform. It created its own JavaScript library called React which in a very short amount of time gained the attention of masses and is now being picked up by a majority of developers out there to structure or create their front ends.

Different areas of web development

The two main areas of web development are front end development and backend development.

  • Front end web development

This area of web development deals with the client-side of application, which is running in the browser and can be viewed by any user. Front end development includes the UI design and the user experience of the web site as well. Logical implementations and handling user input and interaction come under the domain of front-end development.

Front end development is easy to learn as there are many crash courses available online such as complete front end web development Bootcamp.

  • Back end web development

Back end development includes server-side operations such as the hosting of the websites, managing databases, and their relationships, and other server related operations. Backend developers need to focus on security level as well because only a fraction of security measures can be taken from the frontend and the original data fetching and updating occur in the backend. Keeping this in mind backend developers often take courses too regarding the latest standards in implementing backend frameworks.

Web development in 2019

2019 has been loud year in terms of web development. We see some major shifts in the trends of web development Showbox Android Version.

In late 2018 Vue’s started gaining more popularity than ever before, and in 2019 it has beaten React in terms of GitHub stars but still lacks the number of downloads. This is really exciting to see, although in the world of frontend development and JavaScript such spikes come can go, new technologies shine for a while and then are faded away. But in the case of Vue’s, a different (new) trend is seen, as Vue is not backed up by any large organization so it is mind-boggling to see it come even close to the libraries/frameworks which are set by industry giants. This shows us the true potential of opensource in terms of technological advancements.

Apart from Vue in the frontend, there has also been a rise in number of new open source packages that are released weekly. Yes, most of these packages on the opensource community are not used that much by a large crowd but in 2019 particularly the new packages which are introduced and cover some new functionalities are gaining rapid fame and are rising to the top at a remarkable speed.

Opensource is the key to a good future in web development, and in 2019 there has been a lot of recognized opensource work. This work and its acknowledgment in various areas help open source community to grow and expand.

The future of web development

The future of web development is very bright, as new technologies keep emerging every day in the field of web development. The number of web developers and contributors to opensource projects is also increasing dramatically. These days a new library or framework can be introduced by anyone, even a beginner web developer.

The beauty of opensource is that even if this new framework is lacking 90% of the core functionalities that it should be offering, developers from all around the world whoever are working with this new framework will find bugs and provide fixes for them.

In most cases, this only happens when your framework or library is getting enough fame and attention within the opensource community. But when this happens within weeks, a framework created by a beginner can have enterprise-level implementations. This is whole ideology is a massive win for the web development community as a whole. And it has the capability of introducing new and improved technologies at a very fast pace. Since technology is all about speed, web development as a whole is speeding in the right way as of now. Any developer around the world feels the need to creating something new, creates and shares it with the opensource web developer’s community through Git. If the community accepts this new way of doing things (the bundle or the package), they will continue to grow it and keep adding more to it.

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